G5 Samurai Martial Arts for Children

Children who train in martial arts are equipped with invaluable skills that stay with them for a life time. From increased respect and self-discipline, to improved confidence, fitness and team skills; martial arts can shape a child’s Instructor teaching karate to a childcharacter and assist them to take life in their stride.

Martial Arts provide a strong foundation – Building your child’s confidence from the beginning by giving them ‘Tools for Life’

We offer a variety of classes for children of all ages.  children aged four to seven can join our Samurai Team, children aged eight to fifteen can join our Cadets class. .

Mission Statement

Our Goal is to offer every student a safe and fun place to grow and learn, to feel passion for life, and in turn for Martial Arts. For them to develop courtesy, loyalty and respect. For them to grow up with perseverance, honour, integrity and self-control. For them to gain life skills that will make every one of them a winner in LIFE.
‘Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World’

Samurai Team Oath

I Promise to be a Good Person,
With Knowledge in my Mind,
Honesty in my Heart,
Strength in my Body and
to be a GREAT Friend..

Samurai Team Aims and Objectives

Act respectfully
Build fundamental motor skills
Demonstrate responsibility
Develop a love of learning
Develop a sense of independence
Develop self-esteem
Develop speech and language
Encourage socialisation
Follow directions
Increase awareness of body and space
Learn to share
Learn to take turns
Problem solve
Promote co-ordination and stamina
Promote physical strength
Show self-control
Stimulate curiosity

Contact the G5 Centre for more details on 01793 954110

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