G5 Martial Arts Adult Training

Adult classes are for members aged sixteen years and over. Children and adults do not train together (accept for specific family classes).
Training options include Private one-to-one lessons, weekly club sessions, and small group classes. We have styles and training to suit all ages and abilities, from beginners through to experienced martial artists. Please see the training schedule for all class times.

Styles Taught

Mixed Style Karate (MSK)

MSK (Mixed Style Karate) is a Karate based style incorporating the best techniques from several different martial arts to create a dynamic modern system based on traditional values and the correct technique. MSK offers reality based self-defence, competition fighting, technical martial arts and sparring, and MMA style fitness training. MSK is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is dynamic, effective and great fun to learn.

Combative Aikido

Combative Aikido is a combination of modern and traditional martial arts. It is both mentally and physically stimulating to study, and lots of fun to learn. Combative Aikido also works well as a self-defence system, using the negative force of an attacker and turning his energy into a positive force of defence. Dynamic locks and traps along with Judo and Jiu Jitsu throws and take downs are just some of the Combative Aikido techniques that are employed alongside the explosive striking techniques used in Karate to form a powerful system of self-defence that is designed to help you deal with the physical aggression found in today’s modern world.

Urban Combat Defence (UCD)

A reality based self-defence system, UCD utilises elements from many martial arts styles along with military and law enforcement systems. This creates a self-defence system in itself that is realistic and applicable to modern day living, both on a physical and a physiological level. The method of training used in UCD is not like traditional martial arts. It is a system of understanding and training with effective reality-based urban battle drills and modern self-defence concepts, that when learned and drilled correctly, produces one of the best reality-based self-defence systems available. UCD is effective for both men and women, and both civilian and military/law enforcement.

Weapons Training

We offer weapons training in both traditional and modern styles, including Nunchaku, Bo Staff, Jo Staff, Tonfa, Sai, Japanese Sword and modern improvised weaponry. We also teach knife and gun defence as part of our G5 syllabus, or we can deliver these subjects as a course to other clubs/groups.


Mushin martial arts and wellness is for life’s natural journey.

We should train to strengthen and support the way we want to live our lives, with inner strength, peacefulness, happiness and well being. Developing spontaneous body flow that can encourage a healthy mind, body and spirit. Learn relaxing martial arts techniques that will help you lose weight and gently tone your muscles. You will benefit from improved flexibility and increased endurance as you learn real self-defence skills, decrease stress levels and increase your mental focus.

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