Club Rules

G5 Samurai Martial Arts logoWe would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family. So that our club can run smoothly and more importantly we can create and uphold a safe environment for your children to play and learn please adhere to the rules below.

1. Please make sure your child has visited the toilet before training – if they are young or likely to need the toilet during class, we would ask that you stay so that you are available to take them.

2. We encourage the children to stay hydrated but please refrain from offering them drinks during the class as we will stop for short breaks throughout.

3. There is no photography allowed in the Dojo or leisure centre (please ask to see a copy of our Child Protection Policy).

4. Please do not bring hot drinks into the training hall due to health and safety, cold drinks in plastic bottles are fine.

5. If you have young children that are not training please don’t allow them onto the training area for their own safety.

6. Please arrive on time and if you are leaving your child with us please collect them on time.

7. Please do encourage your child to practice at home.

8. Please ensure all jewellery is removed before your child starts training.

The more they enjoy their training the more they will learn and get from it.
Please feel free to speak to the instructors if you have any questions or ask to see a copy of our clubs policies.
Kindest regards,

Ken Stronach
Senior Chief Instructor
G5 – Martial Arts Ltd

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