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Ken Stronach

Ken Stronach

My name is Ken Stronach, and I am the Founder & Master Instructor of G5 Samurai Martial Arts. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our family club.

G5 Samurai Martial Arts is a friendly family club run by martial artists. The club is designed to promote good health and fitness in both mind and body, and to give you skills that will help make your life an adventure to be proud of. We don’t encourage violence or anti-social behaviour. We do encourage you to train hard for your own self defence and personal growth, helping to maintain and increase the standards of Martial Arts offered to children today.

We believe that children need discipline and physical activity in their lives to create a balance. With so many video games and hours spent in the gaming world, children NEED to be training in martial arts weekly to balance out all the aggression, emotional stress and isolation that gaming creates. We believe that all children are born with wings to help make their dreams take flight, and it is our job to teach them to fly.

Martial Arts is not just a sport or a hobby. As parents you have the opportunity to give your children the gift of personal safety, self defence, confidence, physical fitness, and to teach them that some things in life require practice, determination and endurance to achieve.
Great people are just ordinary people with an extraordinary amount of determination, and they understand that happiness is not found in the absence of conflict, but in the ability to cope with it.

All the staff at G5 Samurai Martial Arts want to help you and your family have a safer and more fulfilling life. The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination. We work with all our members, young and old to help them to find and build the tools they need to make their lives safer and more exciting.

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What We Do

Childrens Karate

Adults Karate

Urban Combat Defence

The G5 Coffee Shop

G5 Coffee Shop

Our Air conditioned coffee shop and reception area, has free high speed Wi-Fi and is a great meeting place for our club members, with a live video link into the main Dojo (training area), parents can socialise and watch the children train at the same time.

Refreshments are available in our coffee shop, martial arts equipment, suits and club merchandise can be ordered at reception.

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